Wiper Delegates  at Kasarani,Nairobi 13th Dec 2016wiper

BY UPESI NEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,13TH DEC,2016-Over 6000 wiper democratic MOVEMENTS have gathered at the Kasarani National stadium in Nairobi where Kalonzo Musyuoka was unveiled as its flag bearer for the next year general elections.The delegates whocame from all the 47 counties across the  country  have together agreed to stand behind Kalonzo in his endeavors evens as the country draws near to the general elections.

kalonzo Musyoka,photo/UPESI NEWS


Addressing the delegates Kalonzo said he is well placed to deliver a dream of kenya and create a notion where everyone is part of it.He lamented over poor leadership style demonstrated by the jubilee government which has seen cost of living for the ordinary mwanachi going up beyond reach by many.He said it was time to change the narrative of the nation that has suffered corruption and tribalism where only a few people are considered as long as they comew from a certain ethnic group an issue that must change henceforth.


As he offered himself Kalonzo says he will serve all kenyans without discrimination.He will put the people of Kenya ahead of any other thing.He will eradicate extreme poverty by changing the way government works.We must stop doing things the same way.we all know that the old way are no longer working.We need a government that is lean not mean.we must get to a point where we will reduce enormous bureaucracies in government  a problem that has seen many Kenyans fail  to reap maximally . I will offer Kenya a new beginning which every citizen is equal. An employed  which remains a major challenge especially among the youth will be dealt with under my administration.Lack of proper planing and  prioritization has lead to suffering of our many young people we will not allow that any more.

My colleagues in  Opposition must now support me.

Speaking passionately about why the rest of the opposition leaders must surport his candidature this time round,kalonzo says it is high time he was also supported Raila Odinga twice it was only fair for those  in opposition to back him.Even though he insisted that he can still sacrifice again if need be for the sake of the nation.He further called  upon the jubilee government  to be ready to hand over power and also ensure the elections are free and fair.


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