Education Ministry to Crackdown on errant school principals -Matiangi

Education CS Fred Matiangi,FILE/PHOTO


BY UPESI NEWS TEAM,NAIROBI,DEC 13TH,2016-School Principals  who engage in dubious business activities in schools will be dealt with firmly.Education cabinet secretary fred Matiangi has said.Speaking Tuesday at the Kenya institute of curriculum development in Nairobi,when he launched this years form one selection exercise,Matiangi has taken issue     with school principals who operate private business and shops  which they order parents of new form ones who report to school to purchase certain items such as blankets and mattresses in those shops which normally sale those items    at an exaggerated prices.The CS said time has come for such behavior to be dealt with in accordance to the law.”can you imagine when Mr Kariuki who is very respected as a principal  asks for receipt   as a proof that a parent has bought a certain item in a particular shop?” he said.


Commenting on the reviewed school fees guideline by the ministry of education,the CS praised school principals for largely having complied with.The rate of compliance a according to the CS  is 98% with only 2% principals having not complied.The CS further warned those who have not done so to stick to the guideline or face serious disciplinary action.


The transition rate from class 8 to form one has increased by 2% from last year to this year .Education CS Fred Matiangi says this is commendable and the ministry will take necessary steps to expand infrastructure in schools starting next year to accommodate more students. The Cs says he will personally go round schools with other education officials to identify schools that can be added two more streams and lobby for financial resources for construct the same.The candidates who got more than 400 marks  will join national schools.

The form ones are expected to report to their new schools starting    January 9th next year.After the official launch of the selection exercise school principals can carry on the same from the ministry of education website.


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