The inspiring way today’s woman can conquer her dressing room ‘demons’

POSTED DEC 9,2016-Raise your hand if you can relate: You’re in the dressing room and everything feels wrong. The clothes that looked so great on the rack don’t flatter your body and the harsh, fluorescent lights accentuate every roll, wrinkle and bump. Before you know it, you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of negative thoughts about your appearance.

Many  modern women face  a similar dressing room experience  daily .The big question is how do you turn the frustrating moment into something positive.?

UPESI NEWS LIFESTYLE has some amazing tips just for you!

So today was an unsuccessful shopping day. Nothing fit. Terrible dressing room lighting made you  feel lumpy and squishier than normal and the itty bitty shitty committee (as many therapist says) started creeping in.

you might not be where you  want to be, but  refuse to let a bad shopping experience lower your self esteem and worth because you  know you’ve worked hard and continually fight everyday to be better than those demons. So how do you combat these negative thoughts?



You put on an outfit you know you can rock the hell out of and you just embrace yourself as you are in this moment and love yourself any way. And tell that committee not today demons, not today ✋? Because your worth and value and meaning to society is not determined by the texture and look of your thighs or tummy.  tell yourself I refuse to let a size or terrible fit of pants make me think I haven’t been trying hard enough or that I’m still where I started. You are so much more than what you look like or what pant size you are.

Love yourself today, as you are, and compliment the heck out of your efforts and determination that you’re on a journey to becoming you best self. Pat yourself on the back babes, you’re doing a great job. Never let something like cellulite or muffin top or a bad shopping experience make you feel less of yourself. Those things do not define you unless you let them. Be better than those demons. Embrace the journey. Compliment your efforts and determination. Admire the positive things. And above all, love WHO you are today, who you become tomorrow, and always.

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Always know you’re enough as you are today and you’re worthy of being so much more than defined by your outward being. You are not a number or a size or a look ?? You are intelligent and loving and strong and so much more. You’re beautifully YOU ??


There you have it!!

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