Catholic Bishops call for an end to Doctors Strike

BY UPESI NEWS REPORTER,NAIROBI,DEC 7,2016-The catholic bishops have called for immediate end to the ongoing doctors strike which has paralyzed health services in the public hospitals across the country.Addressing the press in Nairobi Wednesday KCCB chairman Rt. Rev Phillip Anyolo  expressed  disappointments in the way the government is handling the issue with the strike entering  its third day.

kccb chair Bishop Philip Anyolo


Bishop Anyolo urged the government to honor the   collective bargaining agreement signed  with doctors three years ago to bring to an end the current stalemate.He however  said it was  unfair for doctors to  abandon innocent patients and subject them to immense suffering. The bishops have therefore  urged medics to respond to medical emergencies and save lives even as they engage in talks with the government.

They also appealed to the government  to prioritize the health of its citizenry and create an harmonious environment for dialogue at both the county and national level as away of  bringing a solution.

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