The effects of doctors strike continue to be felt across the country

BY NAMULONGO PETER,NAIROBI,DEC 5TH,2016-As the doctors and nurses continue with their strike countrywide effects of the same have already started to take toll on patients across the country.The latest incident that demonstrate just how things have escalated is death of a man reported to have committed suicide in a kakamega hospital.The middle aged man been admitted in the hospital for almost a month is reported that he took his own life after doctors  begun their nationwide strike early wendesay following pain he was under.

Doctors demo in a past event/ file photodocs

Things are however not the same in Longisa and Bomet County. Spot check done by upesi News has confirmed that doctors have reported to duty as its their norm.They say are satisfied with the current working conditions and vowed to continue with their responsibilities.

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