A Motorcycle,cars recovered as former police officer is killed in a raid in Nakuru

BY CORRESPONDENT,DEC 2ND,2016-A former police officer has been shot dead in Nakuru during a raid at his home where three stolen vehicles were recovered.

The slain officer identified as Ben Kanyihwa Ndegwa was killed on Thursday night when police officers raided his home in Nakuru Town.

Rift Valley CID boss Gideon Kibunjah says they recovered an AK-47 rifle and a Ceska pistol which he used to engage officers in a shootout before he was felled.

Also recovered are police and army uniforms and a motorcycle believed to have been stolen.

Police believe the slain man was behind a spate of armed robberies in Nakuru Town and along the highway, mainly targeting vehicles and transit goods.

Already, a major crackdown on crime in the country, mostly in key towns in underway following an increased crime rate as the country heads to the festival season.

In Nairobi, police have also fallen victim of the crime with the latest incident reported in mihango kayole where a police officer was attacked and killed on Wednesday.

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