Kerugoya coffee farmers reprieve



kenyatta BY CORRESPONDENT/KIRINYAGA,NOV 29TH,2016.-The government will pay all debts owned by coffee farmers in kerugoya.The assuarance was given by president Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday when he made a visit to Kirinyaga county.The head of state also defended his government track record terming it the best in the last four years.He said during his tenure in office the jubilee administration has done its best to improve the living standards of Kenyans wherever they are.Uhuru mentioned his governments commitments in bettering health services in the country where millions of shillings have gone to equipping hospitals with essential machines and drugs as  one such initiative.He has once again told off the oppostion leader Raila Odinga for always criticizing the governments efforts and not seeing anything good worth appreciating.He called on the residents of Kirinyaga county to ignore such leaders and support the government.


NARCK Leader Martha KaruakaruaThe head of state has called upon the national alliance party of Kenya leader Martha Karua to dissolve the party and join the Jubilee bandwagon.President Uhuru said it was better to bargain for the development of the people of KIrinyaga under Jubilee party.However Narck Leader Martha  Karua still insisted that she supports president Kenyattas decision to run for the second term in the next years general elections but added that the party will not be dessolved.She also said that every branch of the party has its freedom to back whoever they want in any political competition.

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