By  upesi news team,Nairobi,Nov 18,2016

Kenya has joined the rest of the world in  marking the international day for vasectomy as  Over 100 men turned up in Nairobi to undergo  the procedure.

In Kenya, the exercise was undertaken at the Kenya National Theatre where tens of dozens of men turned up.

Surprisingly, even youths were opting for vasectomy as a means of birth control that can only be reversed after 10 years but at a higher cost.

Sena Akai, who was coordinating the exercise on behalf of the World Vasectomy Day Founder Jonathan Stack, sought to allay the worst fear that the procedure is tantamount to being castrated for those willing to consider vasectomy.

“The major hurdle we face is lack of knowledge about vasectomy,” Akai observed adding: “The little information that people have about vasectomy is what makes them equate the procedure to castration, but those who are able to get the right information are open-minded about it once they get to know that this is a way of family planning amongst men.”

Akai exuded confidence that the fears will be put to rest as awareness on vasectomy continues to spread.

According to Dr Ramon Suarez, the Managing Director of No-Scalpel Vasectomy International, the procedure has hardly any side effects compared to tube ligation (the surgical sealing of fallopian tubes). Suarez cites the success rate of 99.8 percent on vasectomies as testament to this fact.

The most common side effect – just like any surgery – is infection or bleeding,” he said. “If you see the bleeding during the operation that is easy to control, but if that happens after the patient is discharged then that’s a problem and we call it hematoma (accumulation of blood inside the scrotum). The treatment for that is to drain the blood and look for the bleeding vessel and tie it and that will end the procedure.”

The specialist termed vasectomy as one of the most effective and efficient family planning option there is in the world, saying it is simple to conduct as it takes an average of 5 to 10 minutes with the patient recovery period said to be less than two days.

According to Suarez, the process involves fewer risks saying the failure of vasectomy could only mean that a man accidentally sires a child whereas for tube ligation, the failure of the procedure could claim the patient’s life.

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