You will not be spared should you engage in hate speech , IG Boinnet warns

boinetBy upesi News team,Nairobi,nov 15,2016- The inspector general of police has warned that nobody will be spared should they involve themselves in hate speech. Boinnet said police had intensified their watch and anyone found inciting the public ahead of next year’s General Election will face the full force of the law.Hate speech has been known to contribute to heightened political temperatures in the country and especially when the nation is drawing near to the general elections.  The post election violence of the year 2017 remains a remainder  to Kenyans   to be weary of any leader who incites or alters words considered highly capable of   causing tribal animosity

“If you engage in hate speech, get ready for the consequences. This time round we are not sparing anybody, not anyone at all,” he warned.

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