Gang invades steals Sh3 million coffee at Ragati Factory in Kirinyaga

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Armed gangsters have invaded Ragati Coffee Factory in Kirinyaga County and  stolen coffee worth Sh3 million.

The gangsters struck on Friday night and made away with 48 bags of the commodity belonging to the farmers.

According to the farmers, four night guards were on duty when the gangsters raided the factory.


They attacked the guards and tied them with ropes before they forced their way into the stores, loaded coffee beans into sacks, which they loaded into a lorry and drove off.

This is the fourth factory to be raided by a well-organised gang in the region in the past one month..

The guards were rescued on Saturday morning by residents who responded when they heard screams for help.


The farmers said coffee theft in the region had become rampant and told the police to get to the bottom of the matter.

They said the gangsters had dealt a big blow to them and called on police to pursue the thieves and recover the the stolen coffee.

County police commander Joseph Nthenge said they suspected the theft was an inside job.

However, he said investigations had been launched with a view of identifying those who took away the coffee.


Mr Nthenge criticised officials of various coffee societies of ignoring his advice to seek police security.

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