catholic Bishops concerned with early campaigns and high levels of corruption

by Korir Juma kccbNairobi Nov 11 2016-The catholic bishops in the country have  expressed concerned over ever increased election fever and campaigns in the country a move they say could polarize the nation ahead of  next years elections. In a statement read on behalf of the kenya conference of catholic bishops KCCB by the chairman bishop Philip Anyolo and vice chair Bioshop John Obala Owaa in kakamega, the bishops have called upon political leaders to desist from early campaigns and self seeking politics which have seen fighting erupt in various parts of the country.They have mentioned the war between pokots and Turkana as  a clear example of fighting instigated politically and called upon local leaders to stand out and be counted.Speaking on graft in the country the bishops have called on the government to do more in war against graft terming the ongoing efforts as very minimal.They have called upon stepping aside  of those found capable of  involvement in corruption especially in government.The bishops further warns against using propaganda in war against corruption in the country saying that the vice has reached intolerable levels threatening the stability of the economy.The catholic church says its ready to partner with government in support of war on corruption saying that top leaders in the country can not claim to have run out of measures in curbing corruption.They are urging  the civil society  organizations and various stakeholders to join in the war against corruption. The bishops have also raised issues with the integrity of leaders elected in public office saying that kenyans must reject leaders who engage in corruption at the expense of mwanachi.As the country draws near to the coming general elections Kenyans have been asked to reject any  leader who bribe them with small gifts  such as money in enticing them to vote for them.

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