BY ASSOCIATED PRESS-Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are now focused on the last few hours to the general election to be contacted Tuesday.


MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) – With the cloud of an FBI investigation lifted, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump struck strikingly different tones as they moved into the final hours of a volatile, nearly two-year-long presidential campaign. After days of full-throated attacks on Trump’s qualifications and temperament, Clinton cast herself as the candidate of “healing and reconciliation” – perhaps a surprising position for a woman who’s long been one of the most divisive figures in American politics. She started her Sunday with a visit to an African-American church in Philadelphia, where she spoke of her candidacy in almost spiritual terms, as she tried to motivate black voters in the crucial swing state to support her.

Clinton email case handling brings tumultuous time for FBI
WASHINGTON (AP) – The FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation has created more turmoil for the bureau than any other matter in recent history, exposing internal tensions with the Justice Department and stirring concerns the famously apolitical organization unnecessarily injected itself into the campaign. The FBI for decades has prided itself on being both independent and silent about its work. It has survived other painful moments in its century-long existence. But rarely have its core duties become so awkwardly entangled with politics, thanks to an election-year criminal investigation involving Clinton’s email practices – and whiplash-producing public statements in the final two weeks of the campaign.

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