Raila condemns attack on Bomet Governor


Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader Raila Odinga has visited the bomet governor Isaac Rutto in Hospital  in Nairobi and   condemned the alleged attack on the  Governor  by administration police officers in Bomet.

The former Prime Minister,  said the ‘attack’ on the governor was a continuation of a worrying agenda of hate and intolerance by the government as a way of handling dissent.

This comes even as Bomet County Commissioner Benard Lebarmarai rubbished the claims about a targeted attack on the governor, accusing Ruto of organizing hooligans that necessitated police presence in the area.

Ruto claims an administration police officer fired a teargas canister at him when he was called from a church service to negotiate the release of arrested Mashinani Party supporters.

Lebarmarai terms the claims as ‘impossible’ saying that a teargas canister shot from a riot gun can cause very serious injuries to a human face, not superficial ones like ones suffered by the governor.

Odinga said that the injury of Ruto was worrying, adding that the government could be resorting to baleful methods to target those who have criticized the Jubilee administration.Rutto  who was treated  at  Nairobi  Hospital and later discharged .

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