Vogue says cleavage is now out of fashion and women are having none of it

Vogue is taking the term “fashion bible” far too literally. The British version of the magazine has featured an article in its December issue on the “debate” (was there one?) about the end of cleavage.

“Whatever happened to the cleavage?” they asked under the story by Kathleen Baird-Murray with the headline, “Desperately Seeking Cleavage”. They also went to the public with a Twitter poll asking, “is cleavage over?”


But perhaps Vogue is forgetting that, unlike the fashion trends that they are so famed for reporting on, breasts – big, medium or small – are part of a woman’s anatomy and so cannot be added or removed like a pair of boots or a handbag to suit the current mood.

The backlash on Twitter was swift


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