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Upesi News is a Kenya based news company

UPESI is a Swahili word  which means swift or quickly. The idea of having UPESI NEWS was necessitated by the fact that news consumption in today’s world  has  changed   from the traditional way where one had to get home so as to switch on the television set or the Radio to be informed .Today’s  busy  way of life cannot allow for such  “convenience” as news is consumed as it happens using the convectional  ways widely available such as  on laptops, tablets and even on mobile phones.Being an online news delivery platform, UPESINEWS exists to act as a link between news makers and consumers  with the aim of delivering  up to date, reliable and timely news as it emerges. You can rely on our dedicated team of writers  and contributors  to promptly update you on  happenings in political arena, business ,sports ,entertainment, blogs and opinion among others in the way that is simple and easy . At the end of the day you will be informed, challenged and motivated!.its simple just logon to www.upesinews.co.ke and you are good to go.


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